#Thinking Out Loud

Differentiation is not limited to the product. There are other types of differentiation can work too, though which is more transient and which is more sustainable is TBD. Not a perfectly MECE list:

Use cases

  • e.g. Discord v.s. Slack; Houseparty v.s. Zoom; Clubhouse v.s. numerous IM apps allowing audio group chats

Target demographics

  • e.g. a myriad of US apps vs their Chinese counterparts

These differentiations can be established through the following ways besides differentiation on the product level:

  • Branding: an effective way to promote a certain type of use case, to appeal to a different segment
  • Pricing: usually through competitive operational efficiency or lower margin
  • Observable improvement in certain factor influencing customers’ experience (besides price): including both psychological and functional factors

— Ep3: Expensive Lessons Learned on User Growth

User incentive programs can go a long way. In our case, it pushed us to the top of the Appstores and racked up almost one million users in a month. It seems like a tremendously successful user growth story except that the success comes with costs.

Let’s start with the…

— Ep2: What Make a Short Video Platform Tik: An Overview

The longer I work on coordinating cross-functional teams in different tech companies, the more I realize the importance and challenges of orchestrating different teams that would otherwise work in silos to move toward a common goal and keeping a balance between competing goals. A UGC content platform is no different.

Segmentation is everywhere, but it has been undervalued by quite some of us. To get a project done, the first thing you need to do after being clear about the end goal is to segment the project into different smaller milestones. To understand why the profit of your business goes…


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